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How to earn $10000 per month by PTC sites


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

how to earn big from PTC sites?

INTRODUCTION:PTC sites are one of the best places to earn easy money online.i have seen many people earning thousands of dollars per month from a single PTC.there are may scams out there for sure but you can always find legit ptc need to join a lot of genuine PTCs and have a large no. of referrals to earn those big can earn a few dollars per month if you are clicking alone but that is not going to suffice.reliable PTC sites can be a viable investment option need to master the earning strategies to play safe and make big with ptc sites.i am going to describe these points in detail:
at ptc sites you get paid for seeing an advertisement for a certain time.the time may vary from 10-30 seconds and incentive is usually $0.01 per ad do some math:
you click 10 ads per day
your earnings= $0.01x10=$0.10
100 referrals click 10 ads per day
your bonus earnings=$10
your total earnings for the day=$10.10
your total monthly earnings=$303
this is coming when i am taking just 100 referrals in to account.there is no limit on referrals, you can have thousands of them.
let you join 20 such sites.then your total monthly income will be $6060.

now comes the most important part of the and where to get those referrals?
here are two ways to get referrals:
i)buy them directly from the site:you may consider this option if you have the required money and want to save your time.PTC sites sell the packs of unreferred can buy or rent them for a certain time period they even have the option of replacing the non active referrals.
ii)generate referrals from your efforts:this is the better between the i am inumerating some resources which will help in generating a lot of free referrals:
1)forum advertising:one of the best ways to get quality referrals.join the top forums.start and participate in discussions related to PTC sites,convince the fellow members about your program and pursuade them to join under your referral link.most forums allow multiple links in your signature profile.if you use them properly,these links could drive loads of traffic to your programs.the key to be successful in forums lies in developing good reputation of yourself as an authority in your shouldn't advertise your programs blatantly. instead focus on redirecting the prospects to your blog where you have all the programs in detail at one can even try referral exchange i.e. you join a site in return of the favour done to you.
2) write articles :i think this is the best way to establish yourself as an expert in your field.there are so many benefits of writing are some of them:
*you instantly get huge exposure.thousands of hungry prospects and ezine owners visit top article directories in search of quality content.if your article has value it may be read by thousands of visitors,taken up by hundreads of ezine publishers who in turn have thousands of subscribers in their lists,republished by hundreads of blogs and websites in your you can get thousands or millions of visitors to your blog just for writing one quality article.most of the directories do not delete articles for years so you can expect loads of traffic to your site or blog for years to come.these directories allow to include one or two links pointing to your website or blog in the resource box and ezine publishers are allowed to republish your article keeping your resource box intact .every time someone clicks on your box ,he is redirected to your site.write articles about your favourite programs and submit them to as many article directories as you can. this way you can generate hundreads of referrals.
*you get immediate surge in your site traffic which provides you with an opportunity to build your own mailing list.simply set up an autoresponder in your site or blog and pursuade your visitors to sign up to receive your free newsletter and other freebies like free e-books and reports etc.once you develop a healthy relationship with your list members it becomes very easy to get prospects for new programs.
*other reputed sites and blogs in your niche start linking with your site.this increases the no. of backlinks to your site which helps you getting free traffic and higher page ranking in search enzines which in turn provides you a lot of search enzine traffic without paying a penny.
*you get sought after by many webmasters who want reciprocal linking with you.
3)social networks: these are great places to find like minded social networks have millions of members and are becoming the focal point of online advertising .join some these networks,make and accept as many friends request as you can and paticipate in disscussions related to your business.once you establish your reputation,you can get thousands visiting your blog and joining your newsletter.once befriended you can pursuade them to join your favourite programs as your referrals. most of these networks provide the opportunity to subtly advertise your programms though videos and blogs. make high quality viral videos and reports and distribute them to these networks.this type of advertising is working very effectively nowadays and you can expect hundreds of prospects.
4)start your own website or blog:
if you are serious about making it big with the PTCs,start your own blog or website about the top PTC sites.there are many services like blogger and wordpress as well as synthasite which provide free domain and hosting.fill your blog or website with top quality info about PTCs.encourage your readers to subscribe to your newsletter .you can get thousands of curious readers by applying the methods outlined above.strengthen your bond with them and pursuade them to join your favourite programs.
5)join referral exchange programs:here you'll find a large no. of people waiting to join your programs.utilise this resource wisely to get the best results. there a no. of referral exchange programs like, where you can get these prospects.but these types of programs have limitations have to join other member's programs in return of the favour done to you .but you can get some free referrals in this way.
6)join surf exchanges:these are great places to advertise your sites and referral links for you view someone other's site and your site is viewed in return.may not be as effective as article marketing or forum posting but you can still get a few hundred referrals by using them visely.most people join and surf at these exchanges to earn advertising credits so you have to make your website or blog very attractive.create eye catching headlines and supplement them with some bulleted benefits listings.after you make the visitor interested lure them to join your list by giving free reports or e-books.these exchanges are especially useful for the newbies.
7)buy enexpensive ads:buy enexpensive ads in PTC and PTR sites and advertise your links for a minimal amount of money. most of the persons visiting these sites are interested PTC earners.if you are promoting solid programs,you can expect to get a lot of referrals.
8)place free ads in ezines:ezines are read by thousands of people.prepare high quality ads and place them on top ezines in your can get a lot of free visitors to your site by this method.
9)place classified ads:though this method is not as effective as it used to be a few years back.still you can attract some visitors by placing small ,interesting ads in top
is considered the best online classified site and it's free.
10)produce and distribute viral reports:viral reports can be a very effective advertising option.prepare free reports(you can prepare them at and distribute them at social networking sites(like myspace,facebook,perspot) .social bookmarking sites like digg,deliocious and gather are also very good places to distribute them.
please visit this blog frequently to learn about new ,updated techniques of advertising and getting referrals.i'll be updating it on daily basis.

here i am giving a list of top PTC sites.they are all reliable,have a lot of members and are going to stay for a long time.
NEOBUX:simply the best .they have more than 3 million members and have paid more than $5 million to it's members till date.neobux pays $0.01 per click and $0.005 per referral click to it's standard members and $0.02 per click and $0.02 per referral click to it's upgraded members.the minimum cashout is only $ you get your payment within few seconds of request.join neobux here.

KINGSCLICKER:only $1 cashout.they are providing more than 10 ads daily so you can reach the cashout within days.this site has been my favourite for some time now.join it here:
DUAL BUX:they are serving around 20 ads get upto 2 cents per ad for your and your referrals.payout is only $2 so can reach it in a few days even without referrals.they are paying instantly.join this amazing program here:
TAKETHEGLOBE:you want to earn a lot of cash from a single PTC then this one of the best.they are offering more than 100 ads can earn a lot from your efforts only.imagine how much you can earn if you have a large no.of referrals.join this huge money making opportunity here:
PERFORMANCEBUX:great $2 payout ptc.they have more than 53000 members and have paid more than $23000 to their members.with lot of ads served dialy you can reach the payout easily.join it here:
BUX-MATRIX:in my view it's going to be the next neobux and may be even better than more than 8500 members in first 30 days and have paid more than $4000 to their members.they have started the unique concept of combining a PTC site with a you can always be a free member and earn from advertisement clicks like any other PTC but in order to avail the full benefits you must upgrade to gold status.they have seperate cashouts for the PTC and matrix section.for the PTC side the min.cashout is only $2 and for the matrix side it is $5.
here are the benefits you get as an upgraded member:
1)you start getting double on your and your referral clicks.
2)you unlock your position in the 3x12 forced matrix for the get $2.00 upfront per member who upgrade under you and a residual income on their referrals which runs to 12 levels also get spillover benefit from your upline and 400 advertising credits free so the benefits of upgrading are have to pay only $12 for the lifetime and you have a chance to earn $1000000 by referring just 3 members if the matrix fills completely.
3)you can earn 20% of the advertiser's spend who was referred by you.
4)$0.05 per active free referral.
so you can see youself that the benefits of upgrade are immense and they are offering 100% moneyback guarantee on your upgrade.more than 6000 people have already joined this opportunity of the lifetime within two weeks of it's prelaunch phase and they have already paid more than $4000 to their members already.
join this fabulous opportunity from my link and i will give you $1.5 upfront when you upgrade to gold status.

PPCLIX:has grown very rapidally like richclix.has more than 51000 members and paid more than $16000 to it's members.they offer 5 ads daily .join ppclix here:
CLIXSENSE:one of the oldest PTC.they have been there for many years.have more than 100000 members and have been paying their members constantly.upgrade in order to avail the full earning potential at clixsense.join it here:
WAOINDIA:do you want to earn more on your clicks?yes!then this is the site for you.they give $0.10 per click to standard members and $0.15 per click to premium members.10 ads daily.more than 23000 members and has paid more than $44000 to their members.join it here:
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