Monday, November 18, 2013

What is a Presentation?

What is a Presentation?

The formal presentation of information is divided into two broad categories: Presentation Skills and Personal Presentation.  These two aspects are interwoven and can be described as the preparation, presentation and practice of verbal and non-verbal communication.  This article is an overview of how to prepare and structure a presentation, and how to manage notes and/or illustrations at any speaking event.
Many people feel terrified when asked to make their first public talk.  Some of these initial fears can be reduced by good preparation which will also lay the groundwork for making an effective presentation.

A Presentation Is...

A presentation is a means of communication which can be adapted to various speaking situations, such as talking to a group, addressing a meeting or briefing a team.
To be effective, step-by-step preparation and the method and means of presenting the information should be carefully considered.  A presentation concerns getting a message across to the listeners and may often contain a 'persuasive' element, for example a talk about the positive work of your organisation, what you could offer an employer, or why you should receive additional funding for a project.

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